„Danke für das intensive und wertvolle Training! Ich habe richtig viel mitgenommen.“ – Maret Zepernick

Nochmal auf dem Weg Danke für den tollen Workshop.
– Software-Entwickler, enercast GmbH, Kassel

„Für den Auftakt unseres Changes war das Auftreten von Patrick Koglin ausschlaggebend, um alle Beteiligten wach zu rütteln und die Ernsthaftigkeit der Sache klar zu machen.“
– Mitarbeiter plentymarkets GmbH, Kassel

„Ich möchte Dir für den wirklich guten Workshop-Tag danken, ich habe einen rundum positiven Eindruck mit nach Berlin genommen.“ – Alexander Schaaf

„I’ve been working Patrick for a few years now, being part of his efforts to bring the Agile mindset to companies in and around the Kassel area. In this time I have experienced Patrick as a facilitator, mentor, teacher, conversation partner and worthy equal in our many debates.

Patrick brings a lot of experience of the software development field and Agile/Lean thinking to the table. However unlike many others he takes everything with a grain of salt, inviting and encouraging critical thinking and reflection. Patrick is not afraid of bringing up a controversial topic and addressing the elephant in the room – and he does not stop there. Being a very results-focused person he makes sure the problems are actually addressed and does efficiency checks to make sure time is well spent. His dedication and focus to improve the working lives of all people involved in software development and organizations in general is exemplary and I respect him for his work, values and dedication highly. If you are looking for a brave and capable change agent – look no further.“ – Matthias Seul